Trio Elephant Blue Circle Earrings


Trio Elephant Blue Circle, Asymmetrical Gold plated tassel earrings with Zirconia stud and Sapphire bead chain.
Circles and tassels are the way to go. These TRIO earrings are silver gold plated and has a sapphire bead chain with handmade and hand dyed blue silk tassels. The big flat hoop earring has black spinel onyx beads wrapped around it. For size reverence please refer to the picture with the full frontal scaled ears.

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Approximate measurements form left to right:
– Stud with tassel 3 cm or 1,8 inches
– Big flat hoop 3 cm or 1,8 inches
– Long with tassel 6 cm or 2,36 inches

•This set will be sold as shown or will be hand matched as best as possible like the examples shown in the photos.
•Images are magnified to show detail, please see all images for the scale and variations.
•My jewelry is always sold with the illustration for your own display purposes. And will be shipped in a box.